M400 Electromechanical Timer

Minimum Order Size: 100

clothes dryer electromechanical timer

The M400 series electromechanical timer is a manual set, interval timer, with capabilities of 3 SPST circuits and 2 SPDT circuits. Where SPDT circuits are not required, 5 SPST circuits are available. All circuits (with the exception of the 1A circuit) are rated for up to 25 amp. The 1A circuit is rated at 15amp.

A two way friction clutch allows the timer to be set to desired point in either direction. The timer motor is wired through one of the switches, and this switch opens to terminate the timed interval.

The additional switches may be used to program the opening or closing of other circuits during the timed interval.

Cams are made to meet specific timing requirements and are not adjustable. A manual position or end of cycle signal can be provided.

All terminals are 1/4” male spades, and extra isolated terminal can also be provided. Tapped holes are provided for panel mounting.

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M400 Specifications 
 Switches All switches: 7.5 amp 250 VAC, 15 ampere 125 VAC, 1/2 HP 125/250 VAC, 25 amp 250 VAC (heater). 
 Terminals  .250" (6.35) or .187" (4.75) x  .032" (.81) male spade. Additional isolated terminals available. 
Time Ranges Many standard cycle times and operating intervals available. 

Permanent magnet, 24 VAC, 115 VAC or 230 VAC nominal voltage inputs at 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz. Motor leads 4.5" (114.3) long standard. 

Shaft Rotation

Clockwise or counterclockwise with bi-directional friction clutch standard. 

Shaft Extensions

.248" (6.3) diameter steel shaft. Split, flatted, threaded, and other confirgurations available.  


Four extruded and tapped #8-32 holes 1.125" (28.58) and 1.625" (41.3) apart standard. Other configurations available.

Agency Listings UL recognized and CSA certified.
Applications Industrial battery chargers, household clothes dryers, commercial ovens, restaurant ovens, commercial heat pumps. 
Minimum Order Size 100 timers